May 16, 2020
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Journey as a Realtor: Becoming a Realtor and How to Build my Career as a Real Estate Agent?

The real estate business is booming today, drawing job seekers from across a wide swath of backgrounds. For those seeking employment in the real estate sector, there is a lot of support for the education and licensing process. There is no shortage of services helping people pass the licensing exam to be a realtor.
There are many companies that offer real estate pre-licensing courses to expedite learning and assist with passing the necessary examinations to receive a real estate agent license. These courses are delivered in many formats, from in-person learning programs, online courses, to pre-recorded videos. Also, courses are available in many languages in addition to English. Well known tutorial schools for the realtor licensing exam in Vancouver includes Quick Pass Master, GO BC Real Estate, and BC Academy of Real Estate. This Youtube video explains it all:

In short, there is a lot of help out there for people wanting to become a real estate agent. But for many newly minted real estate agents, key questions remain: how do I get more business? What does my real estate business need to set me apart from my competitors?

What Does It Take to Get Recognized in Real Estate?
Though many real estate agents feel preparing for the licensing exam is extremely challenging, it is nothing compared to attracting and retaining clients once qualified to work in the industry. One of the biggest challenges real estate agencies face is finding a platform from which they can promote what makes their business different from the competition.
Marketing their services and showing key differences from other area agencies is an important part of business growth. To achieve this, real estate agents need a realtor website that acts as a singular portal to showcase their unique offerings. Realty Focuz, a Vancouver-based real estate website software corporation, specializes in helping real estate agents to create an online presence that drives traffic to their doorstep.
Among the things a Realty Focuz website offers Vancouver and area agents are:
MLS listings in one central location
Advanced search options for ease of functionality
Rapid uptimes for ease of loading information
Fortified security to prevent hacking and increase client safety

What Advantages Does a Realty Focuz Website Offer Me?
Realty Focuz understands today’s real estate climate and what the consumer is looking for from their experience with their realtor. This skillset has equipped the company with the inside information required to create websites that are interactive, efficient, and engaging. They prioritize making each website they craft user-friendly, driving clients to that particular agency time and again for their ease of transactions.
Among the advantages real estate agencies can gain from a Realty Focuz website are:
Efficient setup to ensure minimal downtime
Eye-catching designs
Ease of maintenance to prevent wasted resources
Automatic updates of important software
Responsive websites that are user friendly
Listing optimization to promote your business as you see fit
24/7 customer support
If you’re limping along wondering what you need to get your real estate business noticed, the answer is only a phone call away. Get Realty Focuz today! Contact our office at 604-781-5977 or to learn more about what our team can do for you.

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