Jun 4, 2017
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Buyers from China and Hong Kong make up 65% of foreign capital transactions in home purchasing

The real estate market has been going strong since the last few years. Though recession had hit the market very badly in the early years of the 21st century, yet the market was able to recover gradually in the following years and has made up for most of the loss in the following few years. Real estate prices are up again and more and more properties are being made available every day for buying and selling. In short, it can be said that the real estate market is booming once again.

Though the rate of the surge in the real estate transactions has varied from country to country, it can be safely said that most real estate avenues are going quite well, Vancouver being one of them. Estimates put the total commercial real estate transactions in Vancouver in 2016 at a whopping $8.1 billion, which stands at 23% of the gross national transactions of #34.7 billion. Officials at CBRE analyzed this booming commercial real estate market in Vancouver and the adjoining areas included in British Columbia and the reports are quite surprising.

Apart from the fact that foreign nationals were the main investors in the real estate market in Vancouver and nearby areas, the reports also revealed that a major portion of the foreign real estate investment came from buyers from Hong Kong and China, who invested nearly 65% of the net foreign capital real estate transactions with investors from the European Union countries totaling about a third of the total investments.

The present scenario

Though newer rules in China and the effect of Brexit may have some effect on the real estate market in Vancouver, yet experts predict that the market is going to remain as strong or may even grow in 2017 and the following years. For realtors, this obviously is good news. More listings and more foreign investment would mean more business and more profits. Obviously, the competition will rise to its peak as everyone would be eager to bring home a good share of the money that’s being invested, which is why, every realtor would need to play his best game and ensure that he/she has the best listings to offer to the foreign investors.

What should you do?

Whether you are new to the market or an old-timer, you just cannot miss out this incredible opportunity that you have at hand. Hundreds of residential and commercial properties are being put up for sale every day in different parts of Vancouver and other areas and if you aren’t quick enough, all the good ones will go to some other early bird realtor. Well, you just cannot afford that, can you?

Obviously, it is the time that you put in extra hours at work, scouting areas, reaching out to more sellers and builders, list new and attractive properties every day and get more and more potential buyers to see what you have on offer. You will need to put in a lot of effort to your promotional campaigns as well. But there’s a concern here.

Though the most common way to promote your listings and services is a real estate website, yet your website may fail you at this time of need. Why? Well, mainly because your website is in English and a good section of the lucrative transactions are going to come in from countries where English isn’t commonly spoken – Hong Kong and China. Naturally, you will be at a disadvantage because your potential foreign buyers may not be able to understand what listings and services you are offering and this may deter them from contacting you or make a deal with you.

Now then, what’s the best solution?

Well, you need a website, all right, but that website must be such that the majority of your targeted audience can read and understand its contents and listings. And that’s exactly where RealtyFocuz comes in. You may be wondering what’s so special about RealtyFocuz that makes them the perfect solution provider in such a situation. Well, here’s what they offer:

MLS website – To get an edge over your competitors, you need an MLS website rather than the regular real estate website that most realtors tend to have. The benefit of these MLS websites is that they are custom-designed and custom-built to suit the needs of a realtor. Not only do they look professional and impressive, but they are also quite easy to navigate and allow other real estate agents to quickly find what they are looking for. So, you can easily make profits from indirect sales to clients from far and wide.

Excellent support – RealtyFocuz will not only provide you the perfect MLS website to showcase your listings but will also help you understand how everything works. In case, you have any queries or need any help in adding or modifying your listings, their support team will look after everything so that you do not have to worry at all.

With RealtyFocuz, you will be ready to hit the booming market and reap the best benefits out of it. A multi-language MLS website will ensure that other realtors from different parts of the world can easily understand the various listings that you are offering and may make offers from the same. So, you will be easily able to target investors who understand English and even those who do not, thus creating a very broad market for the various properties that you have on sale. Do not keep waiting anymore and order your brand new website today before it is too late to let the money flow in.

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