May 28, 2017
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Want To Be An Innovative Real Estate Agent?


Want to be an innovative real estate agent? A good MLS website from RealtyFocuz is what you need.

Keeping pace with the modern world, every person, organization, firm or company want to have a website for themselves. In fact, websites do play a main role in the various marketing strategies and it is practically impossible to progress much with a venture unless you have a website for it. But having just any website isn’t good enough.

To suit the needs of the various industries, various types of websites are now being built that facilitates the dealings of that particular sector(s). For example, an e-commerce website is perfect for those who want to set up an online store and sell online. Similarly, real estate agents, too, need a different type of website that would help them to carry out real estate transactions very smoothly and such a website is commonly known as an MLS website.

RealtyFocuz’s Multiple Listing Services (MLS) are websites that are built for the purpose of showcasing various items and sharing valuable data related to these items. For realtors, the functionalities and information that their clients want to sell. In short, an MLS website will give other brokers, agents and interested parties in surfing through the various properties available along with important features, etc.

So, why does a realtor need an MLS website from RealtyFocuz?

If you are starting out as a realtor, you pretty well understand that the market is high and so is the competition amongst different agents and brokers in all areas, especially in Vancouver. So, if you want to shine amongst hundreds of other realtors and achieve success, then an MLS website is what you need. Here are a few reasons why having an MLS site from RealtyFocuz is indispensable.

  • Automated Listing Update

Whether you are interested in a property that some other broker or agent is offering or want other agents to be interested in yours, then MLS is the best way to do so. Actual sellers have no access to the information available on these websites and only brokers and agents can surf the database. RealtyFocuz will update your listings for you, keep both you and your client up -to-date in the Canadian Market.

  • Listing Search Optimization

Different regional MLS databases are interconnected to form a vast national network that you can benefit from. So, if you are a realtor in Vancouver, but are interested in a property in a property in Toronto, then you can easily access the information that you require. Your real estate website’s listing can be categorized in your favortite way, by location, unit types and the nature of the unit.

  • Easy setup

Experts who build these websites understand that a successful broker may have hundreds of listings at any point in time and creating these listings in a general website will need too much effort and time. So, unlike a general real estate website, an MLS site is created in such a way that you do not have to put in much effort in adding the listings and updating them. They are super easy to use.

  • Attractive designs

To attract targeted people, you have to ensure that the website that you have has the feel of being a real estate website and that’s exactly what an MLS site offers. The designs are created by experts in the industry who understand what makes a realtor’s website attractive and impressive. So, you do not have to worry about your website looking like an ordinary business website.

  • Responsive designs

Mobiles are commonly used for quick searches and realtors and agents are no different. Naturally, your website must offer a seamless experience on mobile phones as well as laptops and tablets. That’s why RealtyFocuz’s responsive MLS designs are a must have for any realtor who cares much about potential clients.

  • Search optimization

To ensure that interested parties can find what they want, you may want to categorize the listings according to various parameters and doing that on a regular website would be a hell lot of task. But not with RealtyFocuz’s MLS site. You can categorize by location, area, price and much more, thus enabling all visitors to quickly find out what they want. This helps in search optimization and people will love your website.

  • Friendly interface

You are a realtor and not a techie and it is quite understandable that you are unaware of the technicalities of using a website. But when you have RealtyFocuz’s MLS website, you needn’t think of all that all. These websites come with an easy-to-use interface that can be conveniently used even by the layman. So, you do not have to peel your eyes at the computer understanding how to work through your site. Everything will be simple and straightforward.

  • Little maintenance

If you are good at what you are doing, you will have a lot of work, all round the day and you sure wouldn’t want to spend time on maintaining your website. With RealtyFocuz’s MLS site, you don’t need to. Want to add a listing or update one? You can do so simply by a single click of your mouse. No need of following elaborate steps and procedures that waste time and effort.

  • Social media

Another benefit of RealtyFocuz’s websites is that are integrated to the different social media platforms that you want to use and all your real estate listings can be conveniently shared on social media platforms to create an impression and attract brokers who may be interested in the deal.

  • Customer support

When you get your real estate website built from RealtyFocuz, you can rest assured that you will receive every kind of help required. All your queries will be answered to and issues resolved promptly so that you can run your business smoothly.

Considering the benefits listed above, it would be really wise that you get yourself an MLS website built if you want an edge over your peers. The more you delay, the more will you lose
out on the exposure and benefits that you can get and this may affect your career in the long run. So, act quickly and remain a step ahead of others!

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