May 23, 2017

Adding Custom Searches With Different Displays

You can add any custom searches and your listings into your page in different displays by using Listing Widget.

  1. Vertical Slide -Display the listing vertically with slideshow effect
  2. Horizontal List -Display the listing horizontally with pagination
  3. Grid -Display the listing in 3×4 grid


  1. Log into RealtyFocuz admin.
  2. Go to your site.
  3. Add Listing Widget into the place where you want to have a listing display.
  4. Open the widget settings and enter your options.
    • Display Type – Vertical, Horizontal and Grid
    • Primary Filter – User custom filter
    • Secondary Filter – User custom filter
    • Filling Type – Backup or Filling
      * Backup filter only takes place when primary listings is empty.
      * Filling filter will refill the primary listing when it’s listing number becomes lower than widget display size.

Display Samples

Vertical Display

Horizontal Display

Grid Display

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