May 22, 2017

Adding Your Facebook Plugin To Page Footer

Now you can use Social networks (Facebook Page) to leverage your website visitors, making it easier for people to interact with your most latest listings or news right from your own website. If you currently don’t have Facebook business page please visit here to setup a page for your business then continue the following steps.

Reference –
We offer a simple way of adding Facebook Page Plugin to your page footer. You can do this in few simple steps:

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. Go to Facebook Page Plugin
  3. Enter your Facebook Page URL
  4. Click button Get Code will show a dialog.
  5. Go to the tab IFrame then copy the code in the opened dialog.
  6. Go back to your RealtyFocuz  then add Text Widget into your footer section.
  7. Config the Text Widget then go to Tools>Source code
  8. Paste the code of Facebook Page Plugin. Then click OK and SAVE&CLOSE to refresh the page.
  9. You shall see you Facebook Page info in the Footer Area.

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